Facility Manager

He’s really the Swiss Army Knife of the project. The Facility Manager knows all the details of the QUARTET project. Nothing escapes him and he will always be delighted to help you.

Fitness center

What better than a workout during the lunch break? The tenants of the QUARTET project and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood will not disagree. Indeed, the ACTIV FITNESS centre is always full. It’s so popular with sports enthusiasts that it has had to be enlarged with a new extension. It now extends over two floors with approx. 1,400 sq. meters of fitness space and also boasts a childcare facility.

Coffee Shop

GREEN WHEEL COFFEE sells tasty Colombian coffees. This committed, artisanal coffee roaster has opened a lovely coffee shop in one of the vegetated indoor courtyards where it’s pleasant to meet people and stroll. Take a break and enjoy one of the best Colombian coffees in Geneva.

Bike and repair shop

Cycling – the fashionable new trend. There´s no reason to hesitate, the Cyclable shop will help you to take the plunge with its superb range of bikes. Moreover, if you should have a breakdown, a repair workshop is available on site.


The project features two complementary restaurant areas.

The first area benefits from an entrance on Rue de Lyon and a large terrace at the corner of Rue de Lyon and Rue des Franchises. It’s designed to accommodate a good-quality table-service restaurant that’s affordable to all occupants of the site.

The second area, on the courtyard side, will be able to benefit from a terrace at the heart of the site in a treed courtyard – a lung of greenery amid the concrete. The layout plan provides for premises with a mezzanine. It’s envisioned that this area will be a space featuring trendy fast food, either on-site or to take away.


The location of the premises on the busy Rue de Lyon main road ensures the future restaurants will have good visibility.


The MEININGER hotel chain was captivated by the location and has chosen QUARTET to open a 100-room hotel to accommodate the varied clientele who stay in Geneva. Families, travellers or business customers will be able to find what they’re looking for with this innovative concept that suits all budgets.


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